My name is Quinn Free, and I currently serve as the Co-Programs chair for Temple University’s Chapter of the National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE) for the 2020-21 academic school year.

Since a young age, I’ve aspired to become an engineer in hopes to provide change for my community. At my young age, I didn’t know what discipline of engineering I would follow, nor did I have the vision to see what it was I would do. This was until I underwent a life-changing experience. During the summer of 2016, I traveled to Ghana, Africa on a service trip with a select group of students and faculty from my high school. The purpose of this trip was to learn about the growth, development, production, and distribution of cocoa. During this trip, I was able to witness, firsthand, the economic divide between America, and a third-world country. I observed the electrical infrastructure of Ghana and was able to recognize the importance of something as simple as daylight. This was due to the fact that many Africans living away from the city had limited access to electricity.

Today, I am a junior here at Temple University studying electrical engineering. I joined the NSBE organization to network and develop leadership skills, while meeting and building relations with dedicated and intelligent engineers like myself. From my experience in Ghana, I have aspirations to one day provide electrical power and resources to third-world countries around the world. I believe that being a part of an organization like NSBE will allow me to remain focused, and driven to accomplish my goal.

As the Co-Programs chair, I plan to create programs to incite creativity, stimulate growth, and inspire to be and do more for oneself and the community.


quinn free

Electrical Engineering

Temple University National Society of Black Engineers