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Check out these Black-Owned Businesses promoted on the Instagram page this year for Black History Month. 

Black Owned 

Hair Sh*t is a natural hair care line founded by our treasurer Zari Grandy. 
Hair Sh*t provides homemade products catered specifically for 4c hair, but not limited to. This is an all-natural line dedicated to moisture, which is key for healthy hair maintenance and leads to growth. Check out the line and follow all social media pages. Instagram @hair_sh.t and Facebook @ Hair Sh.t.

Hair Sh*T

Lawrence Trucking LLC

Recent Temple & NSBE graduate Kyle Lawrence started Lawrence Trucking LLC in 2021. Currently, Kyle is working for Hensel Phelps in the construction management field working on the renovation of the Federal Reserve Building in Washington DC. Lawrence Trucking LLC is currently hauling refrigerated food from warehouses to grocery stores in 48 states. You can find out more information on Instagram @LawrenceTruckingLLC.

Clothing Brand

Eve Matthew is a Junior Marketing major at the Fox School of Business. She started her self-titled clothing brand in February 2019. Eve has since used the clothing brand to share her creative voice and sell hand-sewn pieces to help fund her education. More recently, Eve also launched a continuous collection of Eco-Fashion pieces (clothing made from at least 50% sustainable and second-hand materials). Eve hopes to eventually transition her brand into offering sustainable garments and accessories! You can check out the eve. Clothing Brand on Instagram @eve._clothing. 


GoingWorldWide215 is a business created by 3 guys, 2 of which are current Temple students and one resides in the North Philadelphia area. They’re currently partnered with a multi-million dollar company called Amway, which has been in business for over 60 years. They have access to over 250 plus products and hold campus kiosks monthly. You can visit all 3 personal websites at or follow @goingworldwide215.

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