I am Zari Grandy-Overton, I major in Electrical Engineering with a computer concentration. I joined The National Society of Black Engineers Organization (NSBE) my freshman year and have been involved since. NSBE has provided a comfortable environment that has made me a priority. The support of my peers is what has kept me afloat in such a rigorous program. Not only has NSBE set the tone for the African American minority, it has also played an extreme role in minority success. I have decided to take the next steps to become a more direct resource in NSBE’s contributions as I am NSBE’s new membership chair for the 2020-2021 school year. As membership chair, I expect to recruit more like-minded individuals, maintain order of the roster, analyze our member demographics, and help as necessary as needed towards the progress of the organization.

As stem majors, times get hard, classes get frustrating, and there is nothing better than having an outlet. NSBE is the haven that I have found while going through the toxins of a college environment. The student organization is productive, welcoming, and full of opportunity. NSBE has been essential towards my learning, growth, and professionalism. It’s something that I will forever support!


zari grandy-overton

Electrical Engineering

(Focus: Computer Engineering)


Temple University National Society of Black Engineers