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Hello, my name is TaMarion Abner, I am currently majoring in electrical engineering. I have been a part of NSBE for 2 years now and have enjoyed every moment of it. Throughout these 2 years, I have made a lot of friends and have been able to get help in school whenever I was having a difficult time or just when I needed people to talk to, and because of this, I ran to be the new NSBE chair so that I could help other students receive the same support that I have. As the new NSBE membership chair for the 2021-2022 school year I hope to be able to recruit many students that are looking for more than just a club but a family. I also plan to maintain the order of the roster, keep track of our membership demographics, and provide help to improve the organization in any way that I can. 


Tamarion abner

Electrical Engineering

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