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My name is Herby Boucard and I am a senior. I am interested in mechanical engineering because I am passionate about finding practical solutions to common problems. Being a member of NSBE’s temple chapter has always given me a true sense of a community that cares, listens, and respects its people. Since my first general body meeting with NSBE, I felt like I belonged and was welcomed into the chapter immediately. I was grateful for the members of the chapter, who listened, as well as guided me on how to continue excelling as an engineer. I believe that the leadership in this chapter helped me to find my voice and I want to model that type of leadership as president of the organization. Nobody should feel silenced or ignored, we all have an important message in our hearts and minds that needs to be shared to teach others. I am proud to use my voice to spread a positive message for all to hear, and I hope to use my experiences to teach others how to find their voices and share them.


Herby Boucard

Mechanical Engineering

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