My name is Steven Dimanche. I am a senior studying Electrical Engineering and the current President for Temple University’s chapter of the National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE). On behalf of Temple NSBE, I am pleased to welcome our Corporate Partners, Faculty, Alumni, Executive Board and General Body members to 2019-2020 academic year. It is an honor to serve the chapter and fulfill NSBE’s mission throughout Temple’s campus and Philadelphia.

I am a transfer student, originated from Haiti. NSBE became a family away from home. I was alone starting in a new place where everything was strange. The chapter offered me comfort and support that I needed. I cannot count how many times I had fallen and NSBE pick me up. “No men left behind”, Once someone becomes part of us, we will rise with until we reach absolute success. NSBE is a safe space for every black engineer to come and lay hands together for academic excellence.

I want to expand our resource to every young black student in our community to join forces for success. NSBE is the space to get personal, to create lifetime friendship. The chapter has everything a student needs to reach the top of their potential. Temple NSBE lifted me up when I thought I had no one to turn for help. Now that I am president, I want to expand our support for every student in need. I love NSBE for everything that it stands for and the people that make it great today.

I have been in NSBE for two years now and if someone would had asked me if I could be in this position, I would not have a complete answer for them. Now that I am the president, I will dedicate myself for the success of all my members. NSBE is a beacon and I am grateful to hold the torch.


Steven Dimanche

Electrical Engineering

Minor: Computer Science

Temple University National Society of Black Engineers