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Good evening NSBE Fam,

       It is a pleasure to be here this evening to close out this amazing year. Our transition from last semester was challenging for everyone because most of us were fairly new to the E-board. Regardless of the challenges we faced we stood strong and made the necessary adjustments in order to have a successful year. The top 5 and I conducted numerous meetings to ensure the smooth transition of the E-board. The leadership they executed helped us succeed this year. It set the precedent for the rest of the chapter. All the leaders bonded with their teams which facilitated our work this year. It is with great honor and respect that I was able to serve alongside these dedicated people.

       We started the beginning of the semester with a retreat for the board and discussed the importance of the chapter. The chapter directives were to increase community service activities, improve the interactions of the executive board, establish a family environment for all members, and increase our company partnership. We followed the directive of the region by connecting, collaborating, and communicating. Our community service has increase significantly by creating funds for the children over Christmas, letters to the elderly, and collecting funds for the Texas natural disaster relief. I established check in calls, or texts, throughout the semester to ensure everyone was doing well both personally and academically. We also conducted meetings every other week with zone leaders, as well as the E-board, to keep our connection very close. With the help of the finance zone the chapter was able to significantly increase our relations with companies and increase our sponsorship. We conducted numerous events with sponsors to create new connections and opportunities for all members. We also established a mentorship program with one of our partners to help our members better themselves moving forward in their career. We also had the pleasure of collaborating with chapters all over Temple campus, and the region, to bring awareness and support to our collaborators.

       This year was very challenging for all of us. I was blessed to work alongside such a dedicated board. From the bottom of my heart, thank you to everyone who contributed to this chapter’s excellence. We have truly seen it all. The challenge of being virtual, the social injustice we have faced as black people, and the constant battle to keep our torch light up and keep the fight going. I had the privilege to work alongside 16 incredible people that impacted my leadership and made me the person that I am today. We have stood together meeting after meeting and event after event. Our perseverance, principles, and leadership have blessed us with an amazing year. I would like to also thank the Alumni who were present this year through every step of the way, the members who stood with us through this difficult time, and the sponsors / partners who helped give each member the chance to have new opportunities.

       I want to take this time to congratulate everyone who graduated last semester and those who will be graduating this semester. You have done a phenomenal job. Be proud of yourselves for this amazing achievement. Congratulations to everyone that landed an internship, Co-op, or full-time opportunity. NSBE is standing proud with you. Congratulations to all my upcoming sophomores, juniors, and seniors. NSBE is standing proud with you! Keep up your fight because success is awaiting you.

                                                                             Steven Dimanche

                                                                             2020-2021 President


President's Farewell

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