Jade Haneef

Public Relations Chairperson for Temple NSBE

Industrial Engineering


Engineering wasn't exactly my first choice of the majors that I wanted to pursue, but due to curiosity and interest in the subject, I am currently a sophomore majoring in Industrial Engineering. I have a quiet demeanor, but I am determined, compassionate and consistent. Industrial engineering sparked my interests mainly because of the business aspect of its daily operations. I admire how this field challenges you to come up with new ideas to improve the system. As I navigate my way through this major, I plan on getting an internship so I can acquire more skills, adopt and provide these skills I learn to teach and inspire those who also need help. Working as a home care receptionist I learned the skills of research, communication, and self-motivation. These skills have helped me communicate more efficiently with people as well as taught me to stay determined and stick to this engineering field. I am aware that there will be tough times ahead, but I will stay motivated and will be able to encourage myself that it will pay off at the end. As a future graduate, I plan to develop my skills in the field and improve upon them by using them daily. While doing so, I hope to provide guidance and inspiration to future stem majors as well as the young people, who may think that this field is not for them, like I once thought.

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