My name is Shanyah Byrom and I am from Somerset, New Jersey. I am studying Civil Engineering at Temple University and graduating class of 2022. I was introduced to engineering through a program called Raritan’s Introduction of Minorities to Engineering in middle school. We were a team of hard working, African American and Hispanic students that planned and built engineering projects together. Ever since then, I’ve always wanted to learn more about engineering and construction. In that environment, I realized how much I enjoyed working with a group of people that shared the same interest. When I joined the National Society of Black Engineers, I was excited to be part of that same encouraging environment. As NSBE’s Publications Chair, I will make sure to bring the same positive and motivating energy to African Americans in engineering. With this position, I’m excited and grateful to offer my knowledge and will to make sure that everyone feels included with all NSBE has to offer.


shanyah byrom

Temple University National Society of Black Engineers