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My name is Sabria J. Davis and I am a senior at Temple University, majoring in Bioengineering with a concentration in devices. I am in engineering because I like to find simple solutions to complex problems. Solutions do not have to be complicated, they have to be effective. I am also in S.T.E.M because representation matters. It’s nice seeing people who look like you in work spaces. I joined the National Society of Black Engineers because I wanted to be around like minded people who looked like me and  wanted to be successful in the field of engineering. I wanted to be surrounded by kindness. I wanted to be surrounded by Blackness. I wanted to feel free of judgment. Because of the greatness circulating through the organization I have been a member since spring 2018. While in NSBE I have grown academically, gained friends, and made professional connections. NSBE is more than an organization, it is a family. As a kind, hardworking, and loving individual I felt like NSBE was an organization that I needed to join. Once again I am Sabria J. Davis, a senior at  Temple University and the National Society for Black Engineers Secretary for 2021-2022 academic year.


Sabria Davis 

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