Merley Lafleur

Senator 1 for Temple NSBE


My name is Merley Lafleur. I am a bioengineering student here at Temple University. Getting involved in NSBE is one of the choices I have made to help me in my career path. I know that NSBE has lots to offer me, but I want to give back a little by fulfilling my position to the best of my abilities.

As Senator 1 at NSBE, I wish to successfully complete all of the tasks appointed to me by the board. The events I have planned for NSBE are all within the focus of helping others learn and be a better version of themselves. NSBE Chapter members will have the chance to improve on their selves as they participate in these various events. Many of them which includes community service, mentoring, and different kinds of drives, will allow for NSBE individuals to grow and prosper.

I understand that organizing these events may come with various challenges, but I am willing to learn and overcome these obstacles. In order to do that successfully, I will adhere to my S.M.A.R.T goals for the semester and keep an open mind to ideas, reproof, and advice. However, this position will not only allow me to provide others with the opportunity to learn, but I also. As Senator 1, I will have to refine my own personal skills, build on my character, and learn various things from the events and the position which I hold. As a famous Chinese proverb says, “Learning is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere.” I wish to provide the NSBE chapter members with a little bit of treasure for this semester.

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