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My name is Zari Grandy-Overton, and I am currently going into my fourth year at Temple University as an Electrical & Computer Engineering major. I have been a part of the National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE) since my freshman year, and it has been extremely beneficial to my success. I have managed to network in ways that I had not expected from my attendance in conferences, biweekly events, and general engagement with other members. NSBE is responsible for many things in my life that I will always be grateful for up to and including my first internship that I received this summer to work for The Boeing Company!

I took the step to become a member on the executive board last year as the membership chair and will now hold the role of our chapter’s Treasurer. I will be accountable for all the funds that will create opportunities for our members. Through hectic and unforeseen circumstances last year I have persevered and I expect nothing less from myself going forward. NSBE is an amazing organization, and I am #2HYPE!

Zari Grandy-Overton

Electrical Engineering

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