Keneil Fearon currently serves as the Treasurer for Temple University's National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE) chapter. Fearon is a senior at Temple University studying Electrical Engineering. Additionally, an instructor at Techcore2 and a mentor for 100 Blackmen of Philadelphia. When Fearon is not in the classroom, he is volunteering with Strong Men Overcome Obstacles Through Hardwork (SMOOTH) organization which is devoted to serving the community and being a role model for young Black men. His work as the Academic Excellence Chair at Temple's NSBE helped won NSBE's Region II medium chapter of the year 2019-2020. Keneil Fearon is a strong believer in working hard and doing your best which in turn leads to improvement and self-satisfaction. He is passionate and aspires to make a difference in kids and youth because they are the future. Fearon joys watching and playing soccer and a die-hard fan of the Chelsea Football Club.


keneil fearon

Electrical Engineering

Temple University National Society of Black Engineers