As the eldest daughter of two Haitian immigrants, the importance of education has been heavily stressed in my daily life. I am regularly reminded of my privilege to live in America and have access to education. “Knowledge is Power” is what my parents would say to me whenever I felt mistreated by anyone. It wasn’t until my sophomore year of high school that I allowed that saying to take the weight. It wasn’t until my freshman year of college did I realize how powerful that statement actually is. My decision to study Bioengineering at Temple University was made in hopes that one day I can change the world. Even amid unprecedented times like the COVID-19 pandemic, I could vividly see the impact of my chosen career path. All in all, my knowledge is my power and I plan on using it to change the world.

My experience in NSBE started during my freshman year. Quickly I became infatuated with our vibrant community. I love seeing and interacting with students that share the same interests and experiences as I do. As Vice President of the chapter, I will use my platform to uplift our membership and continue to support our growing community.


Cassandra Paul

Temple University National Society of Black Engineers