Kevin Jackson

Vice President of Temple NSBE 2019 - 2020

Electrical Engineering

My name is Kevin Jackson. I am the Vice President  for Temple’s NSBE chapter. I am a Senior Electrical Engineering Major. I am a transfer student from the College of Southern Maryland. 

The reason that I joined NSBE was to network with other people that looked like me and had a common goal for success. I also joined NSBE for its great network connections with jobs. I was in NSBE in high school, and I loved it. The last school that I attended did not have a NSBE chapter, so when I transferred to Temple, I was excited to know that I will finally be able to be a collegiate member. 

One of the reasons that I decided to go into the engineering field, is that I love to solve tough problems. I particularly like solving problems that can help people. Another reason that I wanted to join this field is because there are so many options in this field. You can always change projects, work in different areas, this keeps things fresh and it keeps you constantly active in learning. 

I am a SMART scholarship recipient. So I will be working for the Department of Defense during my breaks from school and post graduation. 

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